Email Marketing

Email marketing generates circa £29 billion retail sales annually – do you want a slice of that pie? At Target, we combine multiple creative disciplines from coding and copywriting to captivating videography and graphic design to create high converting email campaigns.

Whether you’re an email aficionado or completely new to the game, we’re on hand to guide you from the design and development phase through to roll-out and reporting.

Our relentless focus on data, strategy and user experience means we truly optimise conversion rates, to maximise the output of marketing’s golden goose, and more importantly, accelerate your sales.

“But what are the benefits of using an email marketing agency” I hear you cry. Well…

  • It delivers the highest ROI of any marketing channel
  • It is data-driven, measurable and scalable
  • Email marketing is highly targeted, segmented and personal
  • Totally bespoke to your brand

Get in touch today and let’s start increasing revenue and building your brand online, together, through excellently crafted emails. We offer a guarantee to increase sales, leads and sing-ups or we work for free!